If you use videos in your marketing, or you plan to do so very soon (you really should)…

Use This Revolutionary New Software To Create Very Engaging & Highly Converting Video Scripts That Turn Your Viewers To Buyers


You Can Create Almost Any Type Of Video Script With This Software

Sales Video Scripts

Upsell Video Scripts

Lead Capture Video Scripts

Pre-launch Video Scripts

Cross-sell Video Scripts

Youtube Video Ad Scripts

Facebook & Instagram Video Ad Scripts

Affiliate Review Video Ad Scripts

Videos Are The Best Way To Market Your Products, But…

You already agree that using videos is the best way to promote your products and services.

You can make 1000% more sales with videos, than with images and texts only...

But this is only possible if the script used in creating the video is very engaging and highly persuasive enough to turn the viewers into buyers.

If you don’t get the script right, your efforts will be wasted...

It doesn’t matter the amount of sophistication or resources that went into creating the videos

And it doesn’t matter if you hired the best video creator in the world to make the videos for you

If your script isn’t powerful enough to convince viewers to take whatever action you want, then all your efforts and resources will be a waste.

Writing Video Scripts Is Hard, And That’s Why Most People Don’t Do It!

Think about this…

There are many video creation apps out there. But you hardly see anyone to help you write the scripts for the videos

This is because writing video scripts is very hard...

In fact, many professional copywriters who are good with writing sales letters and emails, often suck when they are told to write video scripts

And that’s because, video scripts are more technical to write than emails or sales letters.

You have to write it in a way that whoever is voicing it over can read it comfortably…

While at the same time making sense to the listener/viewer.

Even when I started copywriting, writing video scripts was one of my hardest tasks...

So I took out time to learn the art differently.

To be honest, it took me a lot of months to perfect in video script writing. And most copywriters don’t want to get back to the learning stage.

This is why those that have mastered it, charge a lot of money for it...

Take a look at the image below for instance:

Since you now know that the script determines the success of your video…

What are your options if you want to get the best scripts for your videos?

Well, there are two options:

Hire the few available scriptwriters who charge an arm to write the scripts for you.

If you can afford to keep paying them every time you want a script written for your video, then it’s fine; 

They are worth it!

But if you can’t afford to be doing that, use the second option

Learn the art of writing your own video script.

Before you can perfect with video script writing, 12-24 months may have passed.

If you have that time and patience, that’s a perfect idea… 

At least you won’t have to pay anyone ever to write your scripts for you.

Well, Don’t Fret, There’s A Third Option...

You see, after interacting with a lot of marketers and online business owners, I discovered one thing:

Most of them neither have the resources to keep hiring scriptwriters, nor the time to learn how to write the video scripts themselves.

So I created the third and best option.

With this, you can create very engaging and highly converting video scripts, using the same script writing framework I’ve used to create videos that have sold up to 7-figures till date.

Let me introduce you to:

Video CopyDyno

This is a simple but very powerful software that can help you write all your video scripts in minutes.

You don’t need any copywriting experience to use it. 

As long as you are knowledgeable about your product or service, you can use the software to create video scripts that will turn your videos into a conversion machine.

As With All The Products I Have Created, It Is Very Easy To Use


Login to your Video CopyDyno dashboard

The dashboard is simple and you can find your way around even if you’ve never used a web app in the past.


Select the type of video script you have

There are 8 different video types you can create with this software, and I think this covers almost all the video script you will ever want


Answer a few short questions about your product or service

This could take 2-5 minutes depending on the type of script you want to create.


Click on Write Script and watch the software do its magic

Once you click on Write Script, the software will create a powerful script for you in less than 5 seconds… A script that will turn your video into a sales machine.

The Sweetest Part...

After the software is done writing for you, you can easily get a different variation of the script by just hitting the REWRITE button.

It’s so easy and sweet to use

Here’s How Video CopyDyno will help you make more profits in your business...

If you own an online business

You can use Video CopyDyno to create video scripts that will turn your videos into sales and conversion machines.

You won’t need to hire scriptwriters and pay them hundreds of dollars just for a single short video script.

Neither will you spend time on a blank screen thinking of what or how to start, if you want to write the script yourself.

On the contrary, you will save a lot of money and a lot of time with this software.

...and most importantly, you will produce scripts that will help you make more sales and ultimately, more profits.

If you don’t have an online business

That’s fine still

You can start offering video script writing services to marketers and online business owners, and charge them for it

You see, an average video script writer charges $50+ for a simple 100 word script

Do you see where I’m going with this?

So, you can simply set up a video script writing service on Fiverr, Upwork and other freelance platforms, and make a decent monthly income writing scripts for business owners

You can even go outside Freelance platforms and reach out to these marketers and business owners directly through social media

And when you get a job, all you need to do is log in to Video CopyDyno and get it done.

In the end, your clients will be happy, and your bank account will be happy

What Type Of Video Script Can I Write With Video CopyDyno?

The answer is simple: practically every script you will need for your marketing videos. Take a look at them:

Long-form Sales video script

If you are promoting a new product or service, you can use this script to create a video that will make your viewers say WOW, and click on your payment link immediately

The video on this page was made using the Long-form Sales Video Script inside Video CopyDyno

So you can easily make similar script using this software

Prelaunch video script

Before you launch your new product or service, it’s good you create buzz, excitement and anticipation around it.

This will make you get massive sales from the first hour you go live.

Video CopyDyno can create highly interesting, engaging and convincing scripts for your pre launch videos

Facebook & Instagram video ad script

From research, video ads get more attention, more engagements, higher conversion, and lower ad costs.

But that’s if the content of the video (the script) really delivers great quality

With Video CopyDyno, you can write video ad scripts that makes social media scrollers pause on their track, watch your ad, and take the action you want

YouTube Video ad script

People go to YouTube to watch videos, and not ads

And when ads pop up, they can’t just wait for the SKIP button to appear, so they can skip your ads.

But imagine your video makes them to really pay attention, watch your ad to the end, and then clicks on your link

That’s exactly the type of script Video CopyDyno will write for your YouTube video ads

Cross-sell video script

So your customer just bought one of your products, and you have a complementary product you want to cross-sell.

You can create very persuasive cross-sell video script with this software and experience even higher conversions than your front-end offer

Remember, you make even more money in your backend offers

And Video CopyDyno creates the right video script to make cross-selling easier

Lead Capture Video script

These days, people hesitate when you ask them to opt in to your email list

But do you know what? If your offer is strong enough, they will still opt in.

And what better way to present your offer than through a persuasive video on your lead capture page.

Video CopyDyno will write a very powerful video script that will convince your page visitors to opt in to your email list

Upsell video script

Want to sell an upgrade of your product…maybe the premium version of your software?

Then let Video CopyDyno write the perfect Upsell video script that will have your lite users upgrading to the premium version

The conversion will wow you

Affiliate review video script

Do you review digital products through videos?

Do you have an affiliate product review website, and want to add videos to your product review?

You can easily create a detailed and very convincing review videos with the help of Video CopyDyno. The software will simply ask you some questions about the products and its upsells/cross-sells

And with that, it will create a great review video script for you to voice over. Cool, isn’t it?

With all these video scripts available, what other video script will you need?

Yes, we have covered practically all the scripts you will need to create almost any type of marketing videos for your videos. Yet, we are not stopping. 

We will keep listening to our users and if a great number of them request for another type of video script not listed, we will build it in too

So, your video script needs are completely covered.

Here’s The Special Deal We Are Offering You Today

Video CopyDyno is ready for public launch… We are targeting the last week of July.

And when we open it to the public, we will first sell it through a funnel for one week, before we go fully recurring.

In the funnel, you will have to pay for the upsell before you can get access to the PREMIUM version

But we are giving you an opportunity to hop in through our Founder’s deal… I’ll tell you that in a moment.

All we ask for is that you test-drive the software and give us your honest feedback

A few others have done that already and given their feedback. But we want more…

So what’s in the founder’s deal?

Access to the PREMIUM version of Video CopyDyno at a one-time price of $67

The basic version alone when we launch, will cost $67, while the upgrade to the premium will cost $97. 

And after the public launch week, it will turn recurring every month at $67

But you get access to the PREMIUM version at just $67

Lifetime Access to all the future upgrades of Video CopyDyno

You won’t have to pay ever again to get the updates to this software. 

Even if we create an enterprise version of it…

You have free access to it.

But I Must Warn You!!

This Founder’s deal is only available to my subscribers.

It’s my way of appreciating you for supporting my products (EmailRamp, Email CopyDyno and now Video CopyDyno).

However, this offer will close down as soon as the timer on the page hits Zero

Once it hits zero, it will permanently close down and reopen again during the public launch (of course, at a higher cost).

So, get your access right now before the timer hits zero.


Besides, There’s Absolutely No Risk Involved In This

Yes, you should go ahead and test-drive Video CopyDyno for 30 days.

If you don’t like it or the quality of scripts it creates from you, then tell us about it and we will refund you

After all, the whole essence of this offer is to get genuine feedback, so we can improve on wherever needs it before we go fully public.

So, confidently get this software today with the confidence that if it doesn’t meet your expectation, we will refund you.

Here’s A Quick Recap Of Everything On This Page

So go ahead & get your access now – you won’t regret this move


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